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Harvey Norman is a large Australian-based, multi-national retailer of furniture, bedding, computers, communications and consumer electrical products. It mainly operates as a franchise, with the main brand and all company-operated stores owned by ASX-listed Harvey Norman Holdings Limited. As of 2016, there are 280 company-owned and franchised stores in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South-East


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Long hours with not enough breaks. No training whatsoever and abusive, dismissive and inexperienced management. Very high turnover of staff for a reason. Cutting corners on finance and putting all logistics jobs on staff members, again with no training. Stay away"

Current Employee - Administrative Manager says

"Pay rates are not good for the workload & responsibility, management is dreadful, big retail company that doesn't care about looking after staff."

Former Employee - Salesperson says

"I'm just going to list these as there's a lot and no doubt I'll have missed some: 15 minute unpaid morning meetings. 15 minute unpaid afternoon meetings. 1 hour unpaid Saturday morning training. Having your shirt grabbed at the collar and pulled up by the franchise then told off for not meeting your targets. Franchises and managers yelling your name out in the middle of the sales floor to direct you to serve customers that have already been approached. Stock take, which at times went until 1am which meant you were unpaid from 5pm to 1am but they kept selling us the fact you'll get pizza and beer! Oh yay. Being forced to sell FlexiRent and downplay the competing interest free options due to the high commissions that it pays franchises. FlexiRent had that much influence it meant keeping your job and not being grilled and embarrassed every morning even though everyone knew that it was a total ripoff and I've even heard stories of the CEO of FlexiRent admitting it's a ripoff in company award nights. Unpaid after work training which could take hours and you had to pay for your way there, this would happen at least twice per month but on occasions would be a whole week if there was a new mobile provider we were selling for example. Having no training in selling certain products like mobile contracts so every salesperson would avoid it like the plague but the day you try and sell it to impress you end up stuffing up the deal and getting royally grilled. Grilled, embarrassed and singled out in meetings for not meeting your unrealistic sales targets. They send you to clean a part of the store for being late to unpaid morning meetings. They created a biggest loser board where if you don't meet your unrealistic targets your commission gets dropped to 8% even though your contract states it's 10%. This is illegal as it requires a new signed contract and some franchises were sued for doing this and the salespeople won. Having to wear a laminated Kit Kat wrapper around your neck whenever you went on a break so they could keep track of who is not on the sales floor and punish those who left without it. This meant that many of the salespeople didn't get a break throughout the day as there wasn't enough time to be able to have one person on a break at a time. Franchises telling salespeople that we are counting the amount of times your swipe card gets used to enter the bathrooms and kitchen so this led to a lot anxiety issues where we were worried to go to the bathroom because it would be recorded and used against us. Having to spend hours calculating your commissions for the previous week every Monday and showing evidence to the admin staff that you were underpaid yet again so they could re-reimburse you. Their attitude was that you were being a pain even though this is your lively hood and they made the mistake! Funny how we never got over paid by accident? Being told that we were being looked after by having extra commission on certain products compared to other stores but after checking with other stores that turned out to be a lie and in fact we were worse off. Getting put in the warehouse, photo center and tech center for months while still being on a salespersons wage which relies on commissions for a wage to be at most; decent. I've seen some salespeople get around $500 for the week after working full time and weekends because they were forced to stack shelves and other labor type tasks which meant they couldn't earn any commission. Even though I met some great people who were on the same level as me and made some great friends (other salespeople, cashiers and tech staff) It's quite depressing looking back at how bad working at Harvey Norman was. This wasn't just a one off as well as I've worked under multiple "franchises" even though they are just glorified store managers and I've heard of this kind of culture company wide. Stay away at all costs and if you're already there then look at something better asap for your own health :) I know people that have switched to JB and Good Guys and they say it's generally better."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Bad management - will not pay you for any over time worked, will allow other staff to steal sales from you. Manager would always ask staff members to organise online sales and then take the commission. So you lose double - not only do you lose out on sales that you would have gotten had you been working the floor, you also lose out on the commission from the online sale."

Former Employee - HRM says

"Too high expectations Pay not great for work that you had to do"

Current Employee - Employee- Head Office says

"They advertise for the best, but after a while you notice the bad management. Managers care about self preservation & will hang you out to dry. Be very careful many have been there for years and know how to kiss up but bully their staff. They are stuck in the 90's, very ignorant & are not professional at all."

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Managers don't care about career growth, only their own salaries Managers not investing in the future of their own people, they would rather hire new staff then promote their own Sold a dream that is just a dream nothing else 'favouritism' not realism when it comes to simple rewards HR department is great for taking money for events and organising their own agendas, nothing else Salaries below average"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Massive turnover of staff. 11 month probation with nothing at the end of it. Company not willing to move with the times and invest in technology."

Current Employee - Retail Salesperson says

"Franchisees aren't taught to be leaders, they're just meant to be money generators. Workplace culture can be toxic due to lack of real leadership. Sexism, and Sexual harrassment is rampant and impossible to fight against. Many affairs between franchisees and junior staff members. Can be a really grimy place to work."

Former Employee - Sales says

"No penalty rates paid for Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays as you sign away your rights to the penalty rates as per the Australian Fair Work Award. You lose 11% of commission to cover "Warehouse Cost" which is really money paid to the franchise and Gerry Harvey You lose a % of commission to cover "Finance Fee" to cover the cost of finance for Interest Free Negative commission paid on Catalog Sale items if not sold with Product Care, Power Filter and Norton Internet Security No flexible work arrangements available as required by the Fair Work Act and forced to work every weekend. Expected to work 50+ hours but not paid overtime and only paid standard 38 hours base - Commission "supposed" to pay for the extra effort required to complete your job."

Warehouse Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working at the mt wellington branch as a storeman. learnt new skills, downside was how i was been treated by this worker who was not a manager or 2IC but he acts like it. no lifestyle balance as you gotta work weekend,kickback jobpay(no penal rate for doing overtime), bossy workers"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"you where told but the props and the management that you are worth nothing that you are useless everyday and how low in life you are you where told how much you where hated by managementThere are none"

Admin Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company and its management has no respect or appreciation for its employees at all anymore. There is little communication and zero interest from management to listen to its staff concerns or ideas.Literally nothingBelow average remuneration for the expectations put on you. No communication, no feeling of being valued, no enjoyment."

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"There is no flexibility as you can't wfh regardless of the situation with covid. The IT project manager is clueless and he doesn't know what he is talking about most of the time. He is confused about the difference between a Project Coordinator and an admin role. They want to find someone they can pay as a Junior while doing a senior job. If you are smarter than them then they will tell you that you are only just an admin."

Salesman (Former Employee) says

"I started years ago when we had 15 to 20 minute morning meetings before work every morning. These were unpaid meetings and you were expected to be there. If you weren't there the proprietor and management thought less of you and that you didn't put the company first! They still haven't paid out the thousands of dollars they owe us for this time. They have just swept this under the carpet! Especially after it left the headlines after Smith's City paid out their staff! In my 10+ years there I was promised several times that I would be looked at for management but that was just to keep me there interested while making them millions in profit over that time. There's no such thing as a pay rise."If you sell more you'll make more" and " there's a wage freeze" are mentioned every time you bring up your pay rate. We were all told by the new electrical proprietor at Moorhouse Ave Harvey Norman in 2018 when he arrived down from the Manakau store that " we were all paid too much for our hourly rate and he had too many of us on the shop floor and wanted to thin his numbers down" so he could pay less in wages". We all felt worthless. He has since reduced staff numbers by one way or another. Then there is the target system put in place to make them massive profits. We all had job threat's that if we didn't sell extended warranties or product care as they now call it then they would get new staff that could sell it, even though the consumer guarantee's act states you don't need them! It may well of even been on Fair Go as well! There was massive pressure to sell surge protector cubes"

Administration Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked in administration mostly doing accounts work doing Debtors and Banking. Management was terrible as was training no support and your basically thrown in the deep end. I was bullied by my Manager and in the end I couldn’t take it. The girls I worked with were nice however no one talked apart from when the Manager left the room. Overall it was not a pleasant experience or work environment."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Put it simply, worst job I've ever had. You are a number and that's all. The months November and December are beyond crazy. We worked 6.30am - 10.30pm from December 1st until December 23rd right through, no days off. Rarely paid the overtime hours worked and left short at Christmas."

Store person (Former Employee) says

"They will bully you and then turn against you and make out like you are a bully for standing up for yourself full of arrogant and ignorant management I would not wish this place on anyone even the managers bully and get away with it"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional incompetent manager and supervisor. Absolutely hands off with no soft skills whatsoever. Bullying and harassment was rife. Workers were encouraged to compete and fight with each. Expected to work back without pay. Unsafe work practices were encouraged by management. The worst people I have ever worked for/with. Absolute toxic and dangerous environment, both physically and psychologically. Run while you can."

Warehouse Storeperson (Current Employee) says

"No one knows how to teach new employees how to do the work. Most of the time you are trying to figure out what is even going on. It is a terrible place and they need to fix it."

Inventory Coordinator Administration Support (Former Employee) says

"don't work here management are rude and will not look after you you get blamed for their mistakes, very upsetting place to work they appear nice at first then they turn on you like woolfs"

Storeperson (Former Employee) says

"Long Hours & IF 1 is making the Proprietors money 1 is treated like Royalty IF not dirt OH&S isn't Enforced Display areas & warehouses are overcrowded & poorly set out Proprietors & Management Bully staff & or customers"

Accounts Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The pay was really minimum wage, for working in the administration part of the company. $20 an hour for full time accounts role is not enough. We now know where they make their profits from.NothingPay rate. Non professional"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"No training and just thrown into it so be prepared, expected to use shady tactics such as undermine customer to buy more expensive products by shaming them but they play it off as upselling which it wasn't. Met some lovely people there but wouldnt recommend it as a place to work. The store manager was as useless as a kangaroo in a retail store"

Administration Officer (Former Employee) says

"Harvey Naorman expects a lot but gives nothing in return. The Managers get all the perks and treat their staff like idiots. I would not recommend working here.there is noneManagement suck"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Unethical business practices at Gepps Cross. As long as you made money for the prop you could lie cheat and steal . Customers complaints every day . Staff fighting between them selves on showroom floor and zero leadership.Got paidThey just don’t care about anything."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you desperate for money go for it but be prepared to be treated like s#!t getting threatened to loose your job. be sure you wont mind loosing your self esteem. Not friendly place to work. EX-EMPLOYEENothingLong hours no over time unrealistic expectations"

Warehouse Control & Dispatch Assistant (Former Employee) says

"a typical day would consist of picking local orders and getting them ready for delivery. the people were great but the management wasn't the best. still good people. the hardest part was making sure everything is okay before going out the door. the part I enjoyed most was the fitness I had achieved from the jobgreat co-workersthe location wasnt the best for me"

Salesman-Selling, Customer service (Former Employee) says

"If most workers had a choice as years ago they would not choose to stay in his business,due to the lake off decent,caring and work to-gether management.He only produces bullies 90 % of the time,the good ones dont last long."

Team Leader unofficial (Former Employee) says

"The franchise owners do not know how to treat good workers their attitude seems to be if you dont like it you know where the door is.While I was employed there for 18 months we went through so many employees I could not keep count of them & then they kept bringing back useless people with attitude problems which made my employment there quite futile as they constantly stressed me out for no reason at all, in the end I just gave up.free furniture after write offsconstant harrassment from franchisees as to how to do my job"

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